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  • San Francisco Nail Salon Recognition Ordinance Passes!







    The San Francisco Nail Salon Recognition Ordinance passed in October with two unanimous votes by the full Board of Supervisors in San Francisco! This ordinance will establish a voluntary recognition program for salon owners that supports their efforts to stop using nail polish including base and top coats, containing the Toxic Trio (DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene).

    For years, these hazardous chemicals have been standard ingredients of nail polish are associated with cancer, birth defects, asthma and other chronic diseases. Nail salon workers are exposed to these chemicals on a day-to-day basis. Because these hazards are beginning to become well-known, and because dibutyl phthalate is banned in cosmetics in Europe, many manufacturers have removed these chemicals from their products and proudly advertise their nail polishes as being free of the Toxic Trio or “three-free.” “Three-Free” products are readily available at prices comparable to the prices charged for the products that contain those three highly toxic substances.

    This ordinance is a groundbreaking first step towards addressing worker health. Many workers experience negative health impacts due to the chemicals in nail products they work with on a daily basis. A goal of the ordinance is to reduce negative reproductive and other health impacts of long-term exposure to toxic chemicals for nail salon workers.  Thanks to nail salon workers and owners, allies, and Collaborative members for making this happen!

    For press and radio coverage of the Collaborative and the San Francisco Nail Salon Recognition Ordinance, click here. The San Francisco Municipal Code for the Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program can be found here.


    Watch this video to hear from nail salon workers and owners and learn about the toxic trio!

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