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  • Policy Advocacy

    Advancing improvements to public policy impacting the health, safety and rights of nail salon workers and owners through regulatory and legislative advocacy, and partnerships with government agencies.

    In its policy work, the Collaborative:

    • Advocates for policies and programs in cities and counties throughout California that reward or “recognize” salons that adopt less toxic and greener products and practices;
    • Educates state and federal agencies on policy issues that impact nail salon workers and owners;
    • Collaborates with state and federal agencies on projects that advance the health and well being of nail salon workers and owners such as the development of nail salon materials on occupational safety and health;
    • Advocates for the enforcement of laws that protect the nail salon community and others such as the prohibition of mislabeling nail product ingredients and the right to access government information regardless of language;
    • Encourages the development of safer consumer, including nail salon, products by advocating for legislative and regulatory change and encouraging manufacturer initiative.


    In 2016, the California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative is sponsoring bills in Sacramento to make salons healthier and more just.

    The California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative (Collaborative), along with Asian Health Services, is sponsoring AB 2125 (Chiu) which will help ensure that Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Programs (HNSRP) spread throughout California and will result in more workplaces that are healthier for nail salon workers, owners, and consumers. Specifically, AB 2125 requires that the CA Dept. of Public Health will:

    • Conduct outreach to local governments on implementing HNSRPs in their areas;
    • Publish program guidelines for implementing HNSRPs;
    • Develop and implement a consumer education program.


    The Collaborative is also sponsoring AB 2025 (Gonzalez) which, if passed, would result in better education on labor law for the nail and hair salon and barber community, and improved language access for Spanish and Vietnamese limited English speakers with the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology (BBC). Specifically, AB 2025 calls for:

    • Greater knowledge of labor laws by BBC-licensed owners of establishments, including nail salons, via the Board’s application process;
    • Workers’ rights education for all BBC newly licensed professionals;
    • Increased language access to information and materials, including on labor issues, through the BBC.

    Go here to read more details about the current bills and analyses.

    Some additional highlights: